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Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian)

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Jade Dynasty, 诛仙
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2022 Duration: 20 min. per ep. Type: ONA Episodes: 26 Casts: Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian)

This Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian) story’s main character name zhang xiao fan, Story has produced by Tencent productions. This story begins, In the beginning when zhang xiaofan xiao fan age 13 fighting with his friend. He loses fights all time. The same day at night demon sect on disciples attacked a village in search blood demon pearl. That is held by lord buddha’s descendants. In this jade Dynasty(zhu xian) the main twist appears. The demons descended and were killed by buddha’s supreme technique.

But due to the use of excessive uncontrolled power by budda descendent. He is about to die. At the last moment of life when he goes to die. He saw zhang xiao fan. He gives inheritance of all lord budda’s knowledge to him. Also, give him a blood pearl ownership as well. When the next day he woke up all villagers vanished due to that war. Only his friend left that hates him at the beginning. At last, they were adopted by the Qingyunmen sect.

After in series Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian). We notice both children are grown up and one become a swordsman expert. Zhang xiao fan becomes a qi controller. On this journey, he grew up with a girl name Lu xueqi. Afterward, he falls in one side love with her. But Lu Xueqi was not aware of that. So he chooses to be a fiance to a guy from the swordsman department. Due to the disappointment of his owner blood pearl over time become stronger. Turn into a magic wand with demon energies.

After that zhang fang goes on one mission and he first-time encounter an evil race whose power resides inside the wand. But even his wand is evil. But he used to save his friends. At the same time, he meets Baguio that is the daughter of the demon king. She and zhang xiaofan struck a cave with the same mission. They both understand each other and solve several mysteries in a cave together. Sometimes they both try to sacrifice themselves for each other. That makes an unbreakable bond between Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio. This bond is not loved. It becomes a bond of understanding with each other. In end, they both successfully escape from the cave facing so much of challenges. Baguio offers him to join the demon sect with zhang xiao fan refused. But at Qingyunmen lots of rumors are separated by students. He is dead. He will not able to come back.But there are many people in the sect who believe zhang xiao fan is alive and will come back. So after separating from Baguio. He visits a village there and he meets an old man and his granddaughter. They saw his prophecy. After zhang accepted and nonsect mission to save the village from 9 tale fox couple. Both couples were injured due to his grave disease and bugio and zhang both saw him dead by holding the hand of each other. They both realize the beauty of true love.In that cave.

In end, the twist appears Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian). When goes back to his sect. His demon power occasionally goes activated. During one war he use all try powers together Qingyunmen sect powers, Budda powers, and demon powers. Due to the use of the demon technique and budda technique of other sects. That are considered to be punishable offenses. So declared a traitor and faced lots of challenges in the future. Stay tuned with Animekill to watch.

Jade Dynasty Short Conclusion

Zhang Xiaofan, who was tragically orphaned overnight, was accepted as a disciple by Qingyunmen. After five years of hard training, he excelled in the martial arts of the Seven Vessels of the Mastermen. Senior sister Lu Xueqi was in danger and met Baguio, the woman who rescued the demon sect. At the same time, new dangers were also waiting for him.


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